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The Mingo Revue is a complete evening of memories, laughs, dancing, and great music, plus hilarious stories from everyone's favorite foul-mouth, Grovor!
Mike Mingo and Grovor are celebrating nearly forty years of performing as one of the most popular duos in night club entertainment. In a typical evening, the show begins with a selection of great songs like "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," "New York, New York," "Rawhide," "Cow Patty," "She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft," and many more. Mike chats about his ten-year experiences as a PGA Tour Caddy and the meaning of the three flags displayed on stage. This first show also features tributes to music's greats, including Neil Diamond, Elvis, George Strait, Jim Croce, and a comedy tribute to the legendary Waylon & Willie.
Of course, Grovor makes several appearances during the first show of the evening, telling stories, singing with Mike, and ending the show hilariously as only he can!
After a brief break, the second show satisfies any age group as Mike takes us on a nostalgic trip back through the music he grew up with, covering the great sounds of The Beatles, the British Invasion, and the groups that changed our country's musical landscape of the 60's and early 70's. Mike's specialty is the great "one-hit wonder" groups of the fabulous sixties, as he invites you to time-travel with him to this unforgettable era!

Mike's little buddy Grovor also appears throughout this show, and always ends the evening in his own hysterically side-splitting fashion. Completing the evening, Mike performs one last song as a tribute to his friend and mentor, Las Vegas Hall-of-Famer (and author of Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog") Freddy Bell of "Freddy Bell & The Bellboys."
Your lodge or club will love Mike Mingo and Grovor! For complete booking information, contact Mike Mingo at (937) 654-5851 or email him at .




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