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About THE MINGO REVUE, Part 2…

From August to October of 1985, with the synthesized drummers in place, the Revue made it's last appearances at The Ramada Inn in Springfield. New management had different directions in mind for the property, including discontinuing the Ramada's tradition of live entertainment in the lounge. Tim, Mike, and Grovor hit the road once again.

In January 1986, the Revue began an eighteen-month engagement in downtown Lima, Ohio at "Leon's Black Angus." They played to packed crowds and made a host of new fans four nights a week. It was during this time that the first of the five comedy cassette tapes were recorded and released. "Grovor's Greatest Hits" was released in July of 1986, followed by "Grovor's Sports Reports" in January of 1987. These were live recordings of Grovor's shows and became huge sellers everywhere the Revue performed.

Also during the 1987 year, Moose Lodges started to become a staple in the Mingo Revue schedule. It began with a seven-week stay at the Springfield Moose Lodge which was hosting the Ohio State Moose bowling tournament. Mike, Tim and Grovor performed Friday and Saturday, selling over 500 of Grovor's tapes in one weekend!

The “Christmas with Grovor” tape was recorded and released in November of 1987 at SoundSpace Studios in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Tim, Mike, and Grovor (and even Grovor's brothers) all took turns doing some of their favorite Christmas songs. (If you're lucky enough to have one of these tapes, please take special note of the "12 Days of Christmas" cut - completely ad-libbed in only one take!) This recording also contained two original songs composed by Tim – “Christmas the Whole Year Through” and “Christmas is the Bestest Time of Year.”

In March of 1988, the act moved to Leon's sister restaurant in Kalida, Ohio, "Bert & Bernie's Black Angus," and began a three and a half year run. It was here that the "TV Theme Songs" medley became one of the most popular and talked about parts of the show, always ending with Tim's rendition of "The Beverly Hillbilly's Rap." Much of the comedy interaction between Mike and Tim was developed during the engagements at the Lima and Kalida Black Angus locations, and helped shape the act for the upcoming decade.

During August of 1988, a fourth tape was released, "Mingo Revue & Greatest Hits, Too" the third tape to be recorded live. In the early 1990's, Tim and Mike sold "safe-suckers", panty roses, ball caps, T-shirts, and thousands of tapes.  A fifth cassette tape was also added - "Grovor On The Air" - again written and recorded at SoundSpace in Yellow Springs. Mike and Tim did all the voices and sound effects and wrote most of the material in the studio, while Grovor supplied his own voice and complaints.

In April of 1990, after several years of discussing the idea, Mike and Tim opened up their own night club in Springfield, Ohio. GROVOR'S served as home base for the Revue, who performed there five nights a week and managed the new night club. While intentions were good, and despite playing to packed houses on weekends, maintaining the momentum five nights a week turned out to be a more considerable challenge than it had been in the early 1980’s. New DUI laws, the rising popularity of DJ’s and karaoke, and the involvement of a couple of somewhat unethical business acquaintances, all took their toll, and GROVOR'S was an unfortunate victim of the times. The business was sold to one of the original backers in 1991 and closed permanently a year later.

From 1991 to 2003, The Mingo Revue performed at various Moose, Elks, and Eagles Lodges throughout the Ohio and Indiana
area.  In 1999, Mike started caddying full time on the Nationwide and PGA Tour, including seven years with golfer Darron Stiles.  Though never fortunate enough to win a PGA Tour event, Mike won three times with Darron on the Nationwide Tour, including the 2000 Tri-Cities Classic in Richland, Washington, the 2002 Food City Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the 2006 Rheem Classic in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Tim’s performing interests shifted to behind the scenes, first as Outreach and Education Director for Clark State Performing Arts Center, then to his current position as Marketing and Communications Director for the Springfield Arts Council.

And so, following 24 years, thousands of performances, and countless songs, jokes and stories, it appeared that The Mingo Revue was a fond memory. However, the call of the stage (and Grovor’s constant bitching!) has brought Mike back to performing again, singing Neil Diamond and Elvis, some of those good old sixties songs, and occasionally explaining just how the game of golf works to Grovor… one more time…

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