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The records, tapes, recordings...

From 1979 until 1999, The Mingo Revue released a vinyl album and four hour-long cassette tapes. During that time, the tapes were sold only at performances.

Several thousand copies of the vinyl "Mingo Revue: SHOWTIME!" album, and millions (well, sorta millions!) of copies of "Grovor's Greatest Hits," "Grovor's Sports Reports," "The Mingo Revue and Greatest Hits, Too," and "Grovor On The Air," and the holiday favorite "Christmas with Grovor," made their way into cassette players throughout Ohio and the region.  

The cases got lost; the tapes disappeared under the front seat of the car; the cassettes gave way to CD's, iPods, and mp3's. Yet, while thousands of these records and tapes got into the anxious hands of Grovor-fans, no one (aside from an occasional sighting on eBay) claims to actually still own one of them! We suspect that the tapes found their way across the United States, and maybe even further. We'd love to know where they ended up!

We've added a few downloadable mp3's to, suitable for use on your computer or iPod, despite Grovor's disapproval ("...tell them '...iPiss on their iPods!").

Mike and Grovor Video Clips

Click here to see video clips of Mike Mingo… and Mike and Grovor!

Lay Grovor on your Desktop!

There are also other downloads being added to this site, including Grovor desktop wallpapers for your personal computer.

Do you have a vintage set of Grovor cassettes or a vinyl record album? Drop us a line and let us know at: 


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