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Where are they now?

In 2000, Tim Rowe joined the staff at Clark State Performing Arts Center in Springfield, Ohio, helping develop their Project Jericho program as Community Outreach and Education Director. In 2001, Tim began working with the Springfield Arts Council as marketing director, promoting the Council's Broadway and Beyond Series and annual Summer Arts Festival, and providing graphic design for the organization. In November 2013, he became Managing Artistic Director for the organization.

He still plays piano once in a while, and wishes he could remember at least a couple of the punch lines to some of those bad jokes he told every night for more than twenty years...

In 1999 Mike Mingo began caddying full time. He spent six and a half years on the Nationwide Tour and three and a half years on the PGA Tour, spending almost eight years with PGA Tour player Darron Stiles.  Mike continued to perform his show in the Tour's off months. 

Mike and Tim did their last show together in December of 2003. In 2008, the call of the stage (and constant bitching from Grovor!) brought Mike back to full-time performing once again. With a revamped tribute to his high school years and the music of the 60's, Mike insists he's never had more fun on stage than he's having now. 


stays busy with a variety of projects, as seen in the photo at the left. He still makes appearances with Mike, shows up onstage once in a while at The Brian Brenner Show, can be found in some night spots throughout Ohio periodically, and has even found his way to a few golf courses to harass the pro golfers. (Grovor updates you here)

Grovor resides in Las Vegas under a crap table at the Four Queens Casino.

Occasionally, Grovor takes someone under his wing and teaches them the ropes. That tall guy from Cleveland who performed as "Elvis" dozens of times with the Mingo Revue is Brian Brenner, one of Grovor's best students. 

Brian is a very popular performer today, appearing throughout Ohio as well as special engagements at popular entertainment spots across the country.

Check out
for info and a complete schedule of Brian's appearances.



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